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Why Female-Focused Digital Discovery Matters

Online Search Builds A.I.

WHO searches for goods, services and knowledge online — and WHAT they search for — is the information that builds Artificial Intelligence. If there isn't an equitable balance in both the individuals searching and the type of content found, then the the A.I. output WILL be unequal.

Data Ecosystem Starts With Offline

A lack of information to search online begins with inequality offline. For instance, the fastest growing women-owned businesses are those owned by Black women. And yet their revenue is less than White women-owned businesses affecting spend like online marketing. If a group's products and services don't even make it online they are excluded from A.I.

Mobile Lacks Equal Access

More than 4 billion people use search on a mobile device. And yet 234 million fewer of them are women. If search behavior is a basis for A.I. then having women 7% less likely to own a mobile phone or 15% less likely to use search is a problem.

Women Leaders Disappear Online

Did you know that women make up just 19% of Wikipedia biographies? And about 25% of those recommended for deletion? Why is that a problem? Because Wikipedia is one of the dominant sources of search information on women that gets spread around becomes the basis of A.I. It's a grave example of impact of inequality on longterm 'intelligence'.

Our goal is to disrupt, educate and call out the problem while showing how it can be done differently — because the crisis of 'female discoverability' online is already affecting the technology and decisions that will impact generations to come.
Shannon Edwards
Founder, FromAtoSHE®

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