Trump is all about the ‘winning’. Oh so much ‘winning’ is going on, he says. But in a week where we wait for the Mueller report and feel generally dizzy from the daily emotional pendulum between good and bad…the question persists… Do good intentions and good people actually prevail? Does hard work and persistence pay in the end?

If you eagerly awaited the ‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ trailer this week, maybe the answer for you is an easy one. Nothing says good wins over evil like a Star Wars tale. But beyond marveling at Rey’s lightsaber acrobatics, we actually read, watched and experienced a lot of what’s good this week. Here are a few winners…

Winning Can be Golden

This past Sunday 60 Minutes did a segment on the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are on the brink of history in an attempt to make a fifth trip to the NBA Finals in an effort to win a third consecutive title. With big personalities to wrangle, coach Steve Kerr has a seemingly non-traditional approach to coaching: he’s kind. And thoughtful. Kerr understands the unique player personalities and gives them his support. He’s a good guy focused on what’s important (which apparently includes swapping practice for bonding over bowling according to the 60 minutes segment). Kerr knows that understanding and goodness makes teams stronger. Dare you not to choke up when you get to the team honor director of team operations Eric Housen with a ring center court.

Winning is Always Comfortable

Then there is the friend of ours, Lori, with a dream to create a fair trade, organic, sustainable tee shirt brand. She left behind a career in digital marketing to win at doing good by manufacturing with a conscience.

Loskey tees are beautiful and good for the environmentLori has developed a her line, Loskey, while providing safe employment for women in the developing world via a women-owned and dominant supply chain. She also uses only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton in her products (which not only mandates high standards for the cotton and chemicals its exposed to; but also protects the workers involved). And finally, the brand’s tags are made from sustainable paper using elephant and rhino dung and the packaging is 100% recycled cardboard. Lori even uses the off-cuts from the t-shirt manufacturing process as the ties on packaging pouches.

And guess what? The product is beautiful. We received our tees today and they are soft, well-made, and we feel better for wearing them. The care and attention shows through. Winning right?

Winning Words Slay the Haters

And, finally, there is Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. The only preference we have politically right now is to hear more of the great ideas, the inspiration and wisdom of all candidates (save one…). The on-going, hateful rhetoric of Trump has been slowly replaced by ideas from dozens of new (and old voices). And this week there has been a lot of love for Pete Buttigieg. Why? Because words do matter and what makes us the same is so much more powerful than what sets us apart.

Buttigieg is actually more representative of America’s potential than any one of Trump’s army of trolls. He’s aspirationally smart (Harvard, Rhodes Scholar). He was in the Navy. He is gay. And religious. Buttigieg is from Indiana; and mayor of a town known for its Catholic university.  But what’s made him such a star-of-late (and he’s not the only one) is he’s using words to define what’s wrong and what could be right. He’s talking about religion in terms of love and acceptance rather than hate and divisiveness. Religion is not just some club where you can define the terms as you see fit and Pete has nailed that message.

There is a Hero in Us All

Fans of Joseph Campbell might know of the long ago Bill Moyers series “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth”. It was one of the most successful series in PBS history. There is more about Joseph Campbell than can be said here; but from the series is a very apt answer he has to the question about whether we are all capable of being heroes:

BILL MOYERS: So perhaps the hero lurks in each one of us, when we don’t know it?

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Well, yes, I mean, our life evokes our character, and you find out more about yourself as you go on. And it’s very nice to be able to put yourself in situations that will evoke your higher nature, rather than your lower.

The Warriors may not win the title; our friend could find building a business an uphill battle and Buttigieg may not make it through the Democratic primary. But really in going ‘high’ rather ‘low’ they have already won. So, yes, lots of winning these days.

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