Power of Community: Shop These Deals Now

We’ve had a long Summer to work, play and consider how we’ll continue to support and advocate for women using our FromAtoSHE platform. More to come on that front… But in the meantime, while adjusting our lives again to the rigors of back-to-school we had a great opportunity that we wanted to exploit…a showcase and sale of our talented female entrepreneur friends’ goods.

One thing we’ve been cognizant of for a while now is how almost impossible it is for a small brand to sell exclusively online. Once a channel, like Instagram, bears fruit the cost of advertising becomes prohibitive. And even then, the benefits of being a pure-play (e.g., less overhead) belies the ability for consumers to appreciate the true craftsmanship of great brands.

So, for what it’s worth, what’s old is new again, and going back to in person, trunk-show style selling will give everyone a bigger return and bring community back to commerce.

A visit from our very favorite tee shirt brand, Loskey (see Lori’s inspiring story here) prompted us to gather additional talented friends and host an event. We encourage you to do the same — as the ROI for even this small event was meaningful.

If you’d like some tips and tricks on how to pull off a direct selling event, let us know. In the meantime, our friends have extended the discount they offered at the event to all of our blog readers & friends. So please take a peek below.  


Loskey-brand tee shirts are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton; and packaged sustainably & beautifully. Loskey’s primary mission is the empowerment of women to eradicate poverty and drive gender equality & inclusive economic growth. Loskey work with partners who provide training and opportunity to at-risk women living in Delhi & handloom artisans in rural India and ensure workers are treated with respect, paid a living wage and work standard hours in safe environment. We have some of the Summer collection from the event still available at nearly 50% off for our NYC friends (who can Venmo & collect). But for our wider readers Lori is offering 25% off full-priced styles until Oct 31st. Use WELCOME25 at checkout.

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For Sawako, running a helmet company is not about telling you to wear a helmet. It’s about empowering you to make choices and stay true to yourself. Sawako helmets make you feel capable—a confidence that is not rooted in fear, but based on fashion, style and beauty. Come and see some of the Sawako’s most popular styles for adults, as well as, her exciting new children’s helmet line. They went fast at our event – but you can try one today with a 25% off code. Use code: FROMATOSHE at checkout.

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Maneli Wilson Interiors offers comprehensive design-build services for residential, commercial and multi-unit spaces.  Having worked with a remarkable roster of high-profile clients, MWI has successfully delivered individualized solutions tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle and budget. With an emphasis on collaboration, MWI prides itself in procuring furnishings, fabrics and materials of the finest quality to create stunningly beautiful spaces. Have a design question, problem or don’t know where to start? Maneli is offering a complementary 90 minute session (and can easily be remote). Think of it as speed dating for décor! Email with FROMATOSHE in the subject line.

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Hand-crafted in India. Designed in New York. Naaya by Moonlight infuses traditional techniques with contemporary motif designs to bring a whimsical twist to every nursery and home. New mom Chaandni has created a beautiful product that she is currently putting to good use! Consider a beautiful blanket for yourself or a friend; any questions you can email us as we had fun buying gifts for new mother friends. Get 25% off using code FROMATOSHE (until Oct 31; excludes gift sets).

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Hungry yet?

We also wanted to mention that attendees sampled AMAZING gluten-free cookies from Goodie Girl Cookies at least week’s event. Founder Shira sent along her ‘birthday cake’ creme cookie flavor and we’ve been after more ever since! Shira has an inspiring founder’s story and a brand you should look for in your local grocer or online. So do check Goodie Girl out!

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And finally…recycling is near and dear to our hearts (Jaimie, having come from a recycling start up is an expert) so we were so happy to discovery Re.Bin. The coolest, most stylish recycling bin we’ve ever seen. Founder Whitney is determined to ensure that there is absolutely no reason not to get those bottles, cans and newspapers to where they belong. See Whitney’s story here; and check her product out today.

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