Meet Jean Queen: Donna Ida Thornton

You know that one friend, co-worker, family member, even stranger, who manages to live every day in technicolor. They look fabulous; appreciate everything with zest; see beauty in every corner; and just basically live life to the absolute fullest? Maybe you only follow influencers on social media who **seem** to live that way. Well we had the opportunity to spend the day with Donna Ida who both presents a lush life in the virtual/social realm but also is, in person, as high octane, strong, self-deprecating and fun as they come.

Donna Ida

To many of our friends in London, Donna Ida Thornton is legend. When Shannon was running ShopStyle in Europe the team endlessly talked about this genius fashion entrepreneur with a shop in Chelsea who knew how to connect and sell like no one else. She was (and is) a genius at finding and creating the perfect flattering jean. And she’s also well known for being the type of person you also want to hang out with.

Well, Donna knows exactly who she is and what she wants. Having decided to start a store after a bad experience finding jeans in 2006, in no time Donna multiplied her stores and launched an online shop. And without losing site of her customers’ challenges, Donna also ran clinics and developed videos to help women find the perfect pair of jeans.

Well it worked…Donna was nominated three times for ‘Best Womenswear Boutique’ by Draper’s and has been listed as a top 50 ‘best boutique’ in Britain by The Telegraph.

Breaking Down the Wall

So with all of this success what did Donna do? Well, she scrapped it…sort of. Donna has been so committed to her customers that she decided that physical stores actually got in the way. So she redoubled her focus on the Donna Ida brand (she first started stocking a namesake jean in 2012); and then focused the selling via her website, concierge service partnership, and straight into her customer’s living rooms.

Underpinning all of this has been Donna’s willingness to bring her customer’s along on the journey and into her life. She’s a ‘Great British Bake Off’ level cook; has the most wonderful dapper husband; and three amazing dogs that definitely win the cute award on Instagram. Donna worries about the same issues as her customers (and is open about it). She is grateful for the world around her; and brings everyone along for the ride (including her kick-ass assistant Annelise who we’ve loved getting to know).

Here Donna tells us a bit about her business approach as an entrepreneur & why it works:

Three Hours with Donna in NYC

After hitting Donna’s trunk show at the home of our friend Lily (and walking away with a few items including the amazing black trousers below)…

…as always with Donna, we packed a ton of fun into our two hours together.  A few highlights can be found on Donna’s Instagram account  and few snaps here…

Checked out the boats (and took a ferry ride)….

Walked around Pier17 (with it’s outstanding views and a creative pumpkin arch)…

Tried on shoes at Sarah Jessica Parker’s store & hit up the fabled Milk Bar…

To learn more about Donna Ida and shop her fabulous jeans and jumpsuits, visit or get in touch with us and we’ll connect you.