Female Fitness Leader: Rima Sidhu

For any parent who spends a good part of the autumn sitting on the sidelines of a kids sporting event, you know the upside of chatting between goals. We are particularly bullish on girls participating in team sports and so it’s a topic that often gets chewed on while at our daughters’ practices. It also led to meeting an inspirational fitness expert mom…

Gaining Strength as We Age

 Rima Sidhu is a personal trainer with a master’s degree in exercise physiology and nutrition from Columbia University; a former Division I college soccer player; a professional Muay Thai kickboxer; and mom to a fierce little soccer player.

Rima focuses her work on women with clients ranging in age from their 40s to 70s. Often we find that any ache, pain and whiff of fatigue can be something we blame on getting older. And then give in to giving up. But Rima teaches her clients to allow for the changes that come with age. By using strength instead of the couch, you fight the fight. There is no inevitability in how we evolve and just a few exercises can make the difference.

It’s All Incremental

We were lucky to have a chance to talk with Rima and get a few tips on what exercises we should be focusing on each day. We both are stuck in a ‘go big or go home’ mentality when it comes to fitness. It’s hard to shake the competitive sense of nothing under an hour being worthwhile. But Rima showed us that just doing a few exercises each day can actually make us a lot stronger and happier than waiting for that available hour (which, um, never comes).

See our workout with Rima here:

Passing a Focus on Strength to Your Kids

Rima has also been a great resource to understanding how to encourage kids to work out, as well as, understanding that sometimes a good run around around a field isn’t enough of the ‘right’ exercise. The same squats, pushups, planks, sit ups etc. that she encourages her older clients to focus on can ensure kids don’t injure themselves on the field. Good fundamentals and core strength are critically important even if you are a fit 10 year old.  And for children who don’t particularly love sports, Rima has ideas to encourage them as well.

See more of her thoughts about kids and exercise…

It’s a good reminder about simplicity. You don’t need dozens of exercise apps or fancy memberships to achieve a level of fitness that you can feel good about. Those memberships can be handy for developing a sense of community and connecting with friends over something other than drinks, but to be strong you just need somewhere to stand and plank.

To learn more about Rima and her personal training business, visit: https://www.empoweredbystrength.com/