Loskey: Organic Sustainable Cotton T-Shirt

// 20% Off // Our favorite, flattering, v-neck white t-shirt and so much more! Loskey empowers women through fairtrade, sustainable t-shirts that are soft, durable and wear comfortably. Loskey t-shirts are built for dressing up or dressing down. The neckline of this white v-neck is the perfect depth with an a-line body shape that skims, but never clings. We love you that you can wear a Loskey tee tucked in, loose or with a casual half-tuck.

And once you’ve filled up on basics (white, grey, navy) you can grab a Breton stripe or more formal, layered cowl.

Shop Loskey’s full-price collection and receive 20% off with code: FROMATOSHE Shopping from the US? Free international shipping when you spend £50/ $65.

About Loskey:

Loskey is a sustainable, fairtrade and women-focused capsule clothing brand founded by Lori Cunningham in 2017. Lori launched the brand after a life-long search for the perfect, durable and sustainable t-shirt. Loskey’s core mission is the economic empowerment of women through education and opportunity. Loskey is committed to minimizing wastage and fostering a respect the environment. From production to distribution, everything is carefully thought and tailored so it has a minimal impact on the planet.

And as loyal Loskey customers, we would remiss to not add how much we love Lori’s commitment, drive and reinvention of a clothing staple. Sometimes it’s the seemingly ‘simple’ creations that have more seismic impact. A t-shirt is not just a white top if it fits right and feels good. If it’s the item you grab every morning to feel put together. It becomes that thing that you put on to look great. And a product is so much more when it helps other women and is created with a focus on its environmental impact. So we salute our entrepreneur friend and look forward to filling up with more tees!