The ANDI Bag: Ink Camo Convertible

Ever loved a bag so much you want ten? Well we have! And we do own nearly that many of the delightful, convertible ANDI bag. The Signature ANDI feels weightless; helped by the comfortable non-slip shoulder grips.

And the bags transform from tote to crossbody bag and even into a backpack. Or easily slip your bag over a roller suitcase (or just pack to use when traveling). The ANDI is sized to fit most laptop computers; as well as, a water bottle, change of shoes, clothes, additional accessories and snacks. The bags come in a variety of awesome all weather fabrics. And of course, without missing a beat, the brand includes a removable inside clutch is designed to hold a wallet, phone and keys.

About ANDI Bag:

We discovered the ANDI bag in the way that we do most of the brands we covet. First, we saw it on a friend. Then we chased her down the street. And after buying 4,5,6 and more we sought out the founder! And we can report she is an incredible inspiration.

The concept for ANDI bag was born in 2010 by founder Andrea Weinberg (aka Andi). As the story goes, Andrea was living in New York City pursuing her degree while working full time and keeping up life… travel, friends, family, etc. She wanted a bag that could support her – all weather, all occasion, all the time. And when she couldn’t find it she created it.

Inspired by her studies of human-focused design processes, Andrea spent five years working on the ANDI bag with a small factory in Brooklyn making over 60 iterations of her concept for a light-weight, durable, active, travel, transformer bag that we are toting today. Run down walk and get yourself an ANDI bag.