8Greens: Daily Effervescent Tablet to Get Your Greens

Staying healthy during the year can be hard, but our favorite 8Greens effervescent tablet has been helping immensely. Each tablet (which simply dissolves in water) is made from eight real greens and contains as much vitamin C as six oranges; vitamin B6 as six cups of spinach; and vitamin B5 as fifteen cups of broccoli; as well as, vitamin B12 and seven cups of milk; and zinc as three cups of peas.

And it works; we’ve tried 8Greens when feeling good; and when feeling sniffly an it works. It’s just a tablet and not promoted as magic…it’s just a supplement of greens.

About 8Greens:

We’ll admit, we were skeptical. But after walking back and forth to the subway past chirpy 8Greener’s giving out samples we gave it a try. And it’s an absolutely delightful drink. Not too sweet; nor think and the tablet has just 10 calories so no big meal commitment.

With so many health remedies on the market (and our BS monitor very high) what was it that made us give 8Greens a try? First, it’s not a cure-all; it’s just a simple way to get your greens each day. The message of getting greens is and should be simple. We also were taken by the compelling story of founder, Dawn Russell.

At just 25, Dawn was diagnosed with stage III cancer and ended up with a bone infection around her treatment. After she healed, Dawn found herself was completely depleted by the process. For years she searched for something that her body would respond to and just kept coming back to greens.

Few technical additions from the 8Greens site: “8Greens ingredients are sourced from CGMP-compliant, HACCP-compliant, and organic certified suppliers. 8Greens is blended to exacting standards in a GMP-certified facility that is registered and audited by the FDA’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.”

Definitely worth a try.