Press Pause Project: CBD Tincture

Looking for a product that helps you ‘Press Pause’? The founders of the Press Pause Project set out to formulate a quality, safe and effective CBD line designed for women. This Full Spectrum CBD oil has smooth and minty notes. It is also packed with a wide array of benefits.

This CBD tincture has 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD and terpenes for maximum effectiveness. And the easy-to-use dropper allows you to customize a dosage that’s just right for your body. With each drop having less than 1mg of CBD, a good start is 3-5 drops each day. Used by Press Pause customers to ease anxiety, help with sleep and address inflammation. All inflictions of the busy woman.

About Press Pause Project:

Press Pause Project was founded by busy working mothers with children. And who deeply understand the depleting exercise of trying to do it all. For Founders Dawn Fable and Torrey Benson, anxiety was all too familiar. And it was only when they discovered CBD were they able to feel some relief.

The difference for the Press Pause Project founders is in their approach…a product made by women for women. And a commitment to quality, transparency and safety. With so many CBD products on the market, founders Dawn and Torrey ensure that they display all of the active ingredients. And third-party lab tests are available on the website for review.

Additionally, each product goes through multiple testing pre- and post- manufacturing. Resulting in products that are the perfect ratio of quality ingredients with just the right amount of CBD to be safe and effective.