REBIN: Stylish, Sustainable Recycling Bin

Recycle in style. That was the idea of this clever women-owned business aptly named RE.BIN. The modern recycling bin offers an easy way to recycle without unsightly bins on display. REBIN can be used with a paper bag liner for an easy, clean, sustainable recycling experience or just pop in your paper shopping bag. Made in Vermont and of 100% recycled plastic.

About REBIN:

Recycling is a topic we know well (Jaimie, having come from a recycling start up is our resident expert) so we were very happy to come across RE.BIN. And especially when living in New York City where space is hard to come by and recycling bins are definitely on display in our apartments.

REBIN’s sleek minimalist design looks great on display, but is also small enough to fit inside a normal-sized kitchen cabinet. Also as functional as it is stylish, the bin can be used with paper grocery bag liners. REBIN is made in Vermont. And from 100% recycled plastic that can also be recycled.

Founder Whitney is determined to ensure home bottles, cans and newspapers are recycled. And she realized that it’s not as easy as you think. It was when she was visiting a friend when the idea for REBIN came together. The friend wasn’t recycling because she thought the bin was unsightly living in a small apartment. Trained as an environmental lawyer, Whitney is committed to the environment and started this simple solution that can have a big impact.