Halfmoon: Natural Cork Massage Roller

Get ready to roll out tight, painful muscles while also releasing toxins and improving circulation with this Halfmoon miracle product. Ready to roll? Well this cork does the job. Made from natural cork the roller is a powerful self-healing tool that can improve joint movement, relieve pain and calm your nervous system.

Lean into a wall, or the floor to create just the right pressure to roll out your back or big muscle groups like hips and legs. Roll along arms to relieve wrist and hand pain. Small and lightweight so you can take it with you to yoga or the gym.

About Halfmoon:

The story of Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish goes back to the early 1980s where she was captivated by yogis practicing at the edge of the Ganges River, in Varanasi, India.When she returned home her own Iyengar practice began. And like any good entrepreneur, this evolved to products and so began her business.

As ardent supports of yoga ourselves we love how Halfmoon talks about the values that inspire them: “non-violence, truthfulness, abstention from wrongdoing, compassion and kindness.” And now 30 years on it’s as relevant today as it was to the company back then.