Nude Barre: Intimates in 12 Shades of Nude

Nude Barre brilliantly reminds us to ask ‘what is nude’? An important consideration for many of us searching for intimates that don’t make our skin look unnatural because they only come in one shade. From hosiery to bralettes, Nude Barre has you covered (literally!) Each intimate, including this bralette, comes in one of the 12 shades offered to match every skin tone. Durable enough for active women & stylish enough for everyday fashion. This bralette is for everyone whether you are a dancer or just need something that works under a summer dress.

About Nude Barre:

It feels like something we repeat ad nauseam but it rings so true here again: when women find a gap in the market, they fix it. In the case of Nude Barre CEO Erin Carpenter it was a career in dance that spurred her creation. Erin first trained with Dance Theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey as a teenager. Then after college she spent 15 years as a model, commercial actress and Knicks City Dancer. Once big part of this experience was having to painstakingly dye undergarments to match her skin tone. Women of all races would find themselves frustrated and feeling unprepared because the nude garments they needed to wear looked very unnatural.

So the intrepid CEO-to-be fixed it. In 2009 she began Nude Barre. The company produces 12 shades that fit into three groupings: fair, medium and deep. And within those, much thought was given to the sub-categories, such as ‘Irish cream’ in fair; ‘malt’ in medium and ‘bohemian princess’ in deep.

And even better, you can upload a a selfie to the website and receive guidance on the best shade for you. Proof of the brand’s efficacy is the brand use dancers and performers; many of which are brand ambassadors rocking their look on the company website.