goldno.8: The Reversible Clutch

goldno.8 bags are incredible versatile and super fun. The bags are reversible, customizable and can adapt to any occasion. The reversible clutch is also light and ready to go. Customization options include putting on and taking off the wrist strap; turning the bag it inside out; or adding a selection of studs and snaps. The bag is perfect for a night out when you just need the essentials. Or you can pop on the cross body strap if you want more convenience.

About goldno.8:

This year we were lucky to meet the founder of goldno.8 Ariane Gold. Ariane has worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry for over 20 years including Ralph Lauren, TSE, Catherine Malandrino and Isaac Mizrahi – and the experience shows. Going back to the idea that products can produce squeals of glee we were so excited about Ariane’s products. The bags are reversible and customizable. There are buttons, snaps, inserts to keep it fresh season after season. You can use for yourself and change and share with your kids.

We also loved the stories Ariane told us about the moms and daughters who come in together to buy and then share her bags. Because of the customization element moms can make a bag look a bit more sophisticated. Or their daughters can borrow the bags and turn them into something younger and more fun. The idea of sharing a bag is both fun for families and great for the environment. It’s a special element to this fun brand. And having seen Ariane in action she’s a fantastic ambassador for the grand.