Sawako: Sparkly Kids Helmet

We love Sawako’s uber cool, super stylish cycling and ski helmets. And now, your kids can own the road too with this sleek and super sparkly multi colored glitter version. Hand finished with shimmering glitter fabric (which catches the sunlight as you ride) this helmet is an absolute showstopper and a ‘must have’ for your mini style icons on wheels.

For this entrepreneur, running a helmet company is not about telling consumers to wear a helmet. It’s about empowerment. “Empowering you with confidence that is not rooted in fear,” Sawako says. The helmets are a beautiful melding of form and function.

About Sawako:

Tokyo born, Sawako first studied architecture. It was while working as an architect in London that she first found her calling. She combined her interest in biking with her love of architecture. Specifically, an interest in environmental issues and affordable living. As a result, cycling seemed to be a natural focus of innovation.

“Architects care about the environment and affordable living,” she says, so cycling naturally became her favorite mode of daily transportation. But Sawako experienced the fear that comes of bikes and near misses.

To help herself and others take the road with confidence, Sawako began making prototypes of helmet designs. And after meeting safety standards, Sawako launched her website and began selling her eponymous helmets. Overwhelmed by the positive response, she confidently stepped into the world of cycling fashion.

The rest is history! The designer recently launched her children’s line so families can enjoy looking good and staying safe.

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