Blueland: Clean Essentials Forever Bottles and $2 Refills

// FEATURED // Blueland is on a mission to reduce single use plastic, starting with household cleaning products. This “essentials kit” comes with three reusable cleaning bottles (multi-surface, glass + mirror, bathroom); one reusable hand soap bottle; and four tablets (for each of the different bottles). All you need to do is add water. So, it’s easy, buy the bottles once and just pay $2 for refills for life.

About Blueland:

Blueland is taking on the world’s plastic problem in a simple yet ground-breaking way. Consumers simply buy the bottle once and then simply refill each time for $2. The ‘forever bottles’ are designed to look good. And, of course, also work like new after hundreds of uses – no more throwing out bottles. And even better, the bottles are ‘non-leaching’ meaning they won’t break down or leach over time. They are also shatterproof and lightweight (when carrying about the house) and, finally, 100% BPA Free; created without any toxic chemicals.

Blueland was started by a mom who was horrified by how much plastic she was throwing away. She realized that it was creating hundreds of microplastics in the water. Sarah wanted to do her part to help and tackling household products seemed the right start.

Women are reimagining the world with simple solutions that have lasting impact on our futures. By looking around their day-to-day lives and seeing how what they consume and how they live is affecting the world women are able to be transformative in simple ways.