Pigmint Arome: Sunday Ritual

It’s often the simple things that can calm your mind; and here it’s a candle that perfectly does the trick. This refreshingly crisp Sunday Ritual candle can change your day with its aroma of green tea and spearmint sprigs. And founders Sabina and Chelsea started Pigmint Arome with a specific call to action. The acted “with a goal to create luxury home fragrance with a scent throw that captures an entire room, a point of view rooted in design details and a level of quality consistent with master candlemakers.”

About Pigmint Arome:

And so it goes, the founders of Pigment, Sabina and Chelsea, are two creatives with a background in design with a vision. The duo who decided to create luxury home fragrance that takes over a room and envelopes you. And we say they have done the trick with aplomb. Pigmint Arome self describes as “hyper saturated fragrances, monochromatic vessels and bold aesthetics with style, quality, attention to detail and well-being are cornerstones of the brand”.

We hold the idea that leopard is a neutral. That all candles should not just have a point of view but embolden your entire space with an intoxicating fragrance. That design and details always matter. We believe in creating stunning things that evoke emotions and make the world a happier place. ​We think the power of scent is underrated, and that candlelight makes everything better. Always.

Founders, Pigmint Arome