Resistance by Design: “For Freedom” Silk Scarf

A scarf that communicates your political belief with class. The NARAL Pro-Choice America and Resistance By Design “FOR FREEDOM” scarf highlights women’s work to create “a more just and equal world.” The piece traces the history of women’s rights. From the passage of the 19th Amendment to the historic number of women elected to the 116th Congress. And you can wear with pride this creative illustration of the ‘moments, movements and trailblazers” fighting for women’s progress.

About Resistance By Design:

Started by technology entrepreneur Dahna Goldstein and artist Alex Posen, Resistance By Design joins art & activism. And it all began when the founders couldn’t find clothes that signaled their political beliefs. That were, of course, also appropriate for work. With that Resistance by Design was born. Now the company is dedicated to making “thoughtfully designed and politically opinionated” designs.

Of course, you might remember the team’s first project: HERWAVE 2018. The scarf celebrated the record number of women running for office. Posen hand drew illustrations of every female Democratic congressional candidate. The end result was a powerful and memorialized moment in history. Of course, the scarf then took on even more significance as more than half of the women on the scarf won their respective races.

After the success of HERWAVE, the team went on to create additional high-impact projects in collaboration with organizations, such as NARAL Pro-choice America. We also love the “We Will March” sweatshirt in collaboration with the Women’s March 2020. More importantly, Resistance by Design donates a portion of profits to organizations including: Emilys List, Emerge America, She Should Run, Vote Run Lead, NARAL Pro-Choice America and The Women’s March. So get shopping now!

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