Rima Sidhu Training: Empowered By Strength

Find your strength with NYC-based trainer Rima Sidhu who empowers women to thrive at any age; through strength, agility and cardiovascular training. With a master’s degree in exercise physiology and nutrition from Columbia University. As well as, time as a former Division I college soccer player; expertise as a professional Muay Thai kickboxer and as a mom. And the result is a trainer who deeply understands her female clients’ unique challenges.

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So, what you can expect from Rima Sidhu and her training program? A complete transformation! Including:

  • Targeted training sessions with goals that vary from week-to-week
  • Specific exercises to work on between sessions
  • Nutrition guidance to support your goals
  • Analysis of current diet
  • Alteration of diet related to established goals
  • Troubleshooting dietary challenges
  • Continued oversight and support for maintenance
  • Email, text and phone support

About Empowered by Strength:

With more than 15 years of experience working with a range of individuals, Rima is a bona-fide expert. Her experience has led to a wealth of knowledge around how to best address different challenges. Of course, Rima’s prior experience working at a medical practice and growing up in a family of doctors helps. With medicine in her DNA, she deeply understands the human body and how it responds to physical and hormonal shifts. Clients also receive personalized attention targeting their specific needs with customized training sessions. As a result, clients see an increase in core and overall strength; increased balance and cardiovascular fitness; and a decrease in body fat. See our interview with Rima and a few exercises she showed us