Blabla Dolls: Handmade Wooly the Sheep

// FEATURED // Made of 100% cotton, designed in the US and hand-made in Peru, Blabla dolls are our favorite soft toys. They are the type of buddy a child holds onto for years and years. Wooly the Sheep “likes to sleep upside down with his feet on his pillow and dreams in green and yellow.”

Blabla dolls are also fairtrade with sustainability part of their mission.The founders have been working with the same artisans for fifteen years; watching their own families grow.

Wooly the Sheep is a blabla doll and a product created by a women-owned business.

About BlaBla:

Blabla was created nearly 20 years ago by entrepreneurs & friends Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald.

While visiting Peru,the pair were introduced to entire villages of experts steeped deep in the tradition of knitting. Inspired by their talent and the quality of their work, the women started BlaBla.

Florence is a French artist who studied sculpture and industrial design in Europe and the USA. She is the creative force and designer of Blabla. Susan is from Albany, Georgia. She worked as a photo and film stylist in NY and Australia before coming back to Atlanta. She is in charge of marketing and communication.

How does a Blabla come about? You can find the story on the company website. And here is part of that tale.

Often it’s only an emotion, an intuition which evolves little by little into images, then into a vague prototype, improved and refined ten, sometimes twenty times, until it finally evokes the first feelings.

Blabla magic ( website)