PURE SOL: Let it Roll Microneedling Derma Roller

The PURE SOL “Let it Roll” microneedling derma rolling tool allows for beauty products to better penetrate deep into your skin. The tool creates tiny ‘pricks’ in your skin that are “micro-injuries”. These tiny lacerations prompt your body to send collagen to the skin surface. Called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), you are left with smoother, plumper, firmer looking skin. And the “Let it Roll” is one of the best microneedling derma rollers we’ve found.

And, the derma rolling tool is easy to use. You just gently roll the device vertically, horizontally, diagonally in an upward and outward motion. The can be used on your face, neck and decollete. Of course, you shouldn’t use on acne as this can spread infection across your face.


PURE SOL founder Nicole Crocket first found inspiration for her business while on a break. It was during an extended stay in Bali that she first discovered the konjac sponge. The sponge had a powerful effect on her skin. It helped with detoxifying, exfoliating and cleansing all at the same time. With no harsh additives or unpronounceable ingredients the ingredient felt ground-breaking.

The sponge was simple, natural, multi functional and well priced. While locals saw the konjac as something ordinary, Nicole something incredible. Again, a source of inspiration we can learn from – it’s often the simple and the time-tested that actually are problem solvers. So began the story of Pure Sole which was named for Nicole’s daughter. And today the business has expanded its product range.