Savor: Deluxe School Years Edition Keepsake Box

The perfect system to organize, enjoy, and store important childhood memories. The Savor School Years Edition Keepsake Box helps you sort items, from the first letter to Santa to school photos and teachers’ notes. The boxes are sturdy and custom-dyed fabric so that can be displayed as boxes. The boxes measures 10.02″ x 6.1″ x 12.88″ in the sleeve and 4.5 lbs.

Savor keepsake boxes are built to last. The custom-dyed boxes are acid-free with reinforced construction to protect your keepsakes. The team has thought through every details to keep you organized by including details such as labels, envelopes and surveys. The boxes also make fantastic gifts for all occasions.

About Savor:

Savor founders Jenny and Karla met when their kids were just starting school together. The duo realized that they would come home from school conferences with papers that never really found a home. And when they did get organized it wasn’t usually in a very aesthetically pleasing way. That’s the way women innovate by using day to day challenges to create new opportunities.

In this digital age, we are as photo-happy as the next parent, but we aren’t gathering around the computer to feel close.   It’s the objects that tell the stories of our lives. We believe they deserve more than the plastic bin into which they are often shoved.

Founds, Savor