Cocofloss: 4 Piece Dental Floss Set

We all need a reminder to floss and leave it to women to give us a fun and colorful nudge. Cocofloss is 500+ strong, grime-catching filaments that scrub the surface of your teeth clean. And the result is a bona fide powerhouse that is also fun, colorful and yummy. With flavors from coco to vanilla, coconut and mint; the delight can extend to your family as well. Of course, cocofloss is also cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free and without parabens.

About Cocofloss:

Cocofloss was started by two sisters. Chrystle is a dentist; and no surprise an extreme, pro-flosser. And Cat, an artist, who needs a bit more motivation to floss (like the rest of us). The sisters started the floss company to make flossing more fun, motivating, and rewarding for everyone. Of course, women are more likely to jump in and look at the products and services that are routine and give them a bit more life.

First, of course, the sisters created a superior product that delivers. And then that’s when the party starts. Cocofloss says that their community of “floss-converts” report back that the floss is changing their lives. And you can buy your floss in a number of different ways, from building a box, to going for fun packages. It’s great to stock up for your family or even buy as a gift.