Women Gathering: The Power of Coming Together

We were reminded recently of the power of women to support one another through gathering (be it in person or virtually). Part of the reason FromAtoSHE exists is this belief that women can do more to leverage the relationships they have with one another. That we can create circles of trust that grow as another is brought into the mix. And women have a unique power to connect that can translate into momentum in every aspect of life — from business to politics and beyond.

Gathering in Practice

We spoke this week with two leaders who know the power of women coming together… Primavera Salvá, a wellness, yoga & meditation expert who brings spiritual teachings to classrooms, individuals, special events, retreats; and creates wellness programs for modern and progressive businesses. And Maria Margolies, an experienced yoga teacher, certified health coach and collaborator. Maria is also the founder of Holixtic, a brand that generates yoga and wellness content.

And we were excited to talk to these dynamic women because Primavera and Maria have organized an upcoming event in support of International Women’s Day and it came with this reminder to us:

“It’s been proven that when people gather with an elevated intention it is possible to change the collective consciousness.  Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers; most importantly to celebrate and support each other.  Now more than ever, it is crucial for modern women to build their own tribe.”

-Shakti Rituals

Even though women have the unique ability to generate strength and power through the relationships with one another, we don’t use this power enough. So we asked Primavera and Maria how we can better connect. We also spoke about why the duo decided to create “Shakti Rituals” an event to celebrate International Women’s Day at the 1 Hotel in Brooklyn on March 8th.

In keeping with the idea of gathering, the event has been planned as a ‘ritual’ of sorts. Attendees can experience ancient wisdom, yoga, breath work, movement, sound, meditation, mantra, storytelling and ceremony. As well as live music by Natalia Clavier of Thievery Corporation. Additional artists include Marieme, a Senegalese-American artist, singer and songwriter, whose music focuses on themes of self love, revolution, and empowerment. And SkySoYoung who creates beautiful music with downtempo rhythm.

The Shakti Rituals Event

The event will bring together inspirational speakers, including:

Also key, a percentage of all the proceeds will be donated to the Grace Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides employer-driven workforce training for unemployed and underemployed women. Through their programs, women develop the strong professional skills necessary to make them highly competitive candidates for administrative and customer service careers at top companies.

The women of Shakti Rituals

About Primavera & Maria

Before Primavera Salvá became a wellness, yoga & meditation expert, she spent more than 15 years as a producer of corporate shows and experiential marketing events working with Fortune 100 companies, such as IBM, Pfizer, BMS, Mercedes Benz, Conde Nast, Sotheby’s, IBM, and Unilever.

Combining her professional and spiritual backgrounds, Primavera brings a keen understanding of global challenges in her lectures; providing individuals with mindfulness and wellness tools critical to overcome today’s challenges. Primavera is a certified Naam Teacher and travels internationally to train teachers. She is also a Harmonyum healer, certified Kundalini Teacher; and pre-natal and children’s yoga teacher. 

Maria Margolies has been practicing movement, dance, yoga and meditation for much of her life.  She has taught Ashtanga, Hatha, Sivananda and many forms of Vinyasa for over 20 years. Maria also co-founded Heartbeet Juicery and now combines her experience to create projects that cross pollinate the worlds of visual arts, wellness and  health.

FromAtoSHE Asks…

What about your backgrounds and your day-to-day led you to conceive of Shakti Rituals?

Both Maria and I have been in the spiritual path for over 20 years, learning yoga, meditation and mystical teachings from different traditions. 

Maria is originally from Colombia and I am from Mexico. We both came to the United States many years ago in our quest for life-found spirituality.

Having met through common friends, we started to attend each other’s workshops. We liked what we were teaching. Very organically we started to support each other in our journeys to wisdom. And that’s when we saw how important it was as women not to compete with each other, but to support each other.

“If you shine, I shine next to you” and that’s how we came up with “Shakti Rituals.” The goal to support the modern woman in her ever demanding life juggling many roles, in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs, as mothers, daughters, friends, spouses and most importantly in her role a leader to create a paradigm shift in humanity.

We can create a paradigm shift. The qualities identified with the female power like kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, nurturing, inclusiveness, vulnerability and wellness should be the driving force. 

-Primavera Salva, Shakti Rituals

Why will the event be special?

The event is unique because women will embark on a journey to re-connect to their feminine power. And support each other throughout; learning how to do this in our daily lives.

Is it harder for women to build tribes? To come together?

We believe it is harder because of the many demands women have in their lives.  But also because the workforce still follows very patriarchal paradigm of competition rather than collaboration.  

Why is it important?  

It can be very easy to forget that we are allies, rather than competitors. We all have to focus our energy. And offer our gifts and bring the female power into the collective consciousness to create a shift in humanity.

We like to think that women have an untapped power in their individual networks/tribes. Do we realize our strength?

We must speak about, and educate, each other that we can support one other rather and compete for the spotlight.  The more light we shine, the more we can light each other’s path. 

If you are in the New York area (or visiting) and you would like to attend the Shakti Rituals event, tickets can be found here. If you are one of our women-owned business friends and you are interested in one of the event’s sponsorship packages, please send us a note and we’ll connect you with the team.