Women-Made With Purpose: Advocacy T-Shirts

There are definitely times when we feel the need to wear our beliefs on our sleeves (as they say). Perhaps it’s because there is an issue we feel passionate about; an organization we believe in and want to promote; or a even just a way to find one’s tribe. History is littered with advocacy T-shirt with slogans that define us. Today it feels like a way to advocate for change; and remind those around us what we feel is important.

Of course with an election just a couple of months away; and fear, frustration, injustice and pain always just one step behind us; there is more demand than ever to tell the world what you believe. And we like following Michelle Obama’s lead in wearing our beliefs proudly (T-shirt: When We All Vote). She’s one of the most admired women in the world and what she has to say matters.

But let’s not forget, what we all believe matters too. And that’s why we vote. No matter what you choose to communicate with your words and even in your fashion choices you have a power that’s epic.

And so with such positive reaction to our stories about Fourth Wave Apparel, as well as, where to find vote-related products, here is a list of some of our favorite advocacy T-shirts to go out there and grab! Some are simply about advocacy and others are intended to raise funds. Of course there is always room for both in your feminist wardrobe!

Advocacy T-Shirts: Did We Say Vote?

Tory Burch

Tory’s Vote T-Shirt

Clare V

When We All Vote Tee

Vote Like a Mother

Signature VLAM tee

Advocacy T-Shirts Without a Side of B.S.

Fourth Wave

Stranger Things Anti-Racism

Femme Nouvelle

Women Empower Women

Alice + Olivia

Here’s to Strong Women

Organizations Fighting the Fight

Planned Parenthood

We Won’t Go Back

She Should Run

‘Unlikable’ T-Shirt

Moms Demand

We Can End Gun Violence

Feel the Power: Feminist Rising

Feminist Apparel

Fight Like a Girl T-Shirt

Fourth Wave

We Rise Tee Shirt

Silly Feminists