The New Normal: How to Slay Today’s Work-Life Reality

Our friend Coach Tracy Irvine shared her thoughts this week on LinkedIn about how to face yet another change of season of living under Covid-19. Not much has changed in our work-life day-to-day; but Tracy wants us to think of how we can thrive, not just survive. So we thought we’d reprint (with her permission) and host a live discussion on our Community Forum. Get a VIP code to join now.

So many of us have been trying to ‘get by’ these past few months, waiting for some end to the unreasonable work-life demands being placed upon us. But the truth is, now six months into the pandemic, there isn’t a clear end in sight. So the time is right to make the changes that will help you not only survive…but thrive

It doesn’t take much effort either. These five small steps, implemented today, can make you feel stronger and more in control.

Put An End To Zoom Fatigue

Yes, we can successfully meet via video, but that doesn’t mean we have to. Video meetings can be as big of a time suck as in-person meetings. So it’s time to cut back. Pick up the phone, utilize Slack and email. You can even make meetings shorter (15 min, 25 min). These small steps can reap big rewards in productivity.

Delegate At Home And Work

This is an oldie but goodie. And just as relevant. Take the time to remind yourself what you are good at. What is your significant other good at? What is your team good at? How can you successfully lighten your load at work and at home with the team you have in both places?

Make a Big Difference With Small Breaks 

Take lots of micro-breaks and get away from the computer. I like to take micro cleaning breaks where I take 10-15 min to clean off a table, do a few dishes, fold some clothes, or play with my cat. When you do, make sure you set a time limit, so you don’t lose track of time. These small breaks can reset you for the day.

Slay Work-Life Imbalance With Time For You

Self-care has never been more critical, and it can be the best thing you do for yourself in a day, week, or month. From journaling to meditation; and exercise to reading a book, even buying yourself flowers. Please make a list of what is meaningful to you and fit it into your calendar to give you a much needed mental and emotional reset.

Grab Hold of What You Value

Lastly, this is a great time to explore your values. Everyone subconsciously lives by a set of values, and when you are angry or frustrated, chances are one of your values are being broken. Knowing them can help you make essential decisions, from accepting a job offer to avoiding an argument. Do you know what your top 5 values are? Are you living by them? What would it look like if you did?

As you can see, improving your work-life balance doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to be big to have an impact. 

Can Tracy Help You?

Are you struggling to implement these ideas; or feel like the whole situation is utterly hopeless?  Then check out Tracy’s new 90-minute program, Navigating Uncertainty: How To Thrive And Choose Success Even In Uncertain Times.