#BuyWomenOwned Now: Great Steals and Deals

Below are some of the best women-owned, women-designed deals we’ve had our eyes on this week. And, of course, we want to always share the love with our loyal audience! Each week we aim to make sure you are privy to the products, the prices and the women we love. So get shopping!

Fitflop / Up to 60% Off

We own four pairs of ‘Freya’ sneakers because they are hands-down the MOST comfortable, yet firm, sneakers ever. Marcia Kilgore is also one of our favorite female entrepreneurs.

Goop / Up to 70% Off

Who doesn’t like a pretty blouse? Especially in days of Zoom you can wear this with sweatpants. It was $425 and now is $128. Goop’s private label has become a go-to for basics.

Goop / Up to 70% Off

Heck, forget just the blouse, forget online calls, let’s put on a proper dress and get out of the house! Another winner from G.label is this satin and velvet wine colored dress now $188 was $625!

Draper James / Sale

So rule of thumb: buy a swimsuit after the season is over and when you don’t need one! Why? Well deals! And this basic, flattering Draper James number is a great find. Lots of sizes available and $85

Spanx / Sale

Maybe you’ve missed Sara Blakely’s move to take Spanx into more categories. Well not us! And these Jean-ish® Ankle Leggings are super cute, flattering (of course) and a great deal at $68.99

Tory Burch / Sale

‘Tis the season to stock up on gifts. And keeping an eye out for sale items is a fantastic way to get quality gifts at great prices. We love this floral card case (so hint: buy for us!) at $89 it’s cute and 30% off.

More Deals to Check Out

Looking for more? We have a running list of our favorite female designers and entrepreneurs creating fashion we want right now! And even better…on sale. Because while we want to show up! We are all under a tight budget these days. So check out our list, we’ll keep it as fresh as possible and let us know when you find something you love.

Don’t Forget to Shout it Loud With Your Fashion Choices!

While you are at it, why not grab your ‘advocacy’ attire. Whether it’s reminding someone to vote or standing up for what you believe in, there are a lot of great tees and jewelry where a portion – if not all – of the proceeds go to essential charities.

Have a great weekend Shopping!

And, finally, in the spirit of transparency regarding our steals and deals pages:

  • On these lists we do link to some of the bigger multi-brand retailers (such as Intermix) who support and sell both smaller lesser-known female brands along side the notable ones
  • And of course we promote both the new, small, large and well-known female brands because it’s the trailblazers like Tory Burch and Sara Blakely who are working hard to support the sisterhood (click on their names to read more) – so we applaud them too (and love their products)
  • Finally, we use affiliate links! Because we are a small business too! It supports our work and our efforts to grow