Anya Hindmarch: Scented Candles

We love Anya Hindmarch’s whimsical scented candle so much we can’t even pick just one to focus on! From ‘toothpaste’ to ‘pencil shavings’ and ‘lollipop’ — these candles are just too much fun. It’s no surprise, of course, that Anya’s entrance into fragrances would see her come up with a candle collection. And a humorous one at that. The ability to strike whimsy and deliver smiles at the same time is a signature of the Anya Hindmarch brand. The candles are not just fun, but intended to evoke memories (all the fun ones, of course, like being young and wearing sweet lip balm). Finally, with a firm committed to quality, each of the candles is crafted in the UK delivering 40 hours of burn time.

So with that… a few of our favorites:

  • Toothpaste…The toothpaste scented candle with PHWOAR!!! sticker has notes of spearmint, French peppermint, Australian grapefruit rind, menthol, candy floss accord and English rhubarb stalk. The sticker on the black glass exterior was reworked from Anya’s handbag collection.
  • Lollipop…How could you not love a lollipop candle? Made with white wax filling inside a black glass vessel. This candle has a unique smell that includes blackcurrant, rose, green mandarin, geranium, juniper and purple tongues.
  • Washing powder...oh yes, you heard it right. And how do you create such a smell? Well, it’s calone, violet leaf, cucumber, watermelon rind, Persian galbanum, Australian mimosa, hyacinth, pine needles, first-bloom crocus and honeysuckle. All with a sweet rainbow sticker to finish it off.
  • Sun lotion…you know when you catch the scent of sunscreen and it immediately takes you to a beach where you don’t have a care in the world…well this is it in a candle. The scents are Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, orange flowers, cedar wood, and vanilla musk. Of course with a very appropriate ‘Yes!’ sticker to match.

The collection is chock full of fun scents with cute stickers on black glass. We love these three and there are even more where these came from. Below are sunscreen, washing powder and lollipop. The collection includes many other favorites, such as lip balm, baby powder and pencil shavings.

About Anya Hindmarch:

Anya Hindmarch founded her wonderfully whimsical brand in 1987. She, of course, became well known through the years for a commitment to quality that never shied away from a wink and smile. Because it’s her British sense of humor that has made her well known around the world. Later in her career, Anya was the first accessories designer to show at London Fashion Week. And she received an MBE in 2009. Anya’s collection traditionally has included clutches, make-up bags, and her message strewn totes.