About Us: Champions of Women-Owned Businesses

FromAtoSHE® is a destination focused on celebrating, promoting and supporting the most exciting women-owned businesses out there today. Our mission is to help reimagine a world where business creation & growth is more equitable because great women-owned businesses are VISIBLE.

The FromAtoSHE® Mission

Over the years we have increasingly spoken to female business owners around the world. And we’ve seen firsthand their challenges. From poor discoverability of products to prohibitively expensive marketing. Coupled with the extreme challenge to secure funding… obviously it’s a vicious cycle women often can’t overcome.

So we created FromAtoSHE® to be a place where women business owners and those that support them can find:

FromAtoSHE Inspirational Women

From profiles and news to tips & tricks; that’s what we are all about. And to create content that is interesting to both women-owned businesses, as well as, their networks of friends, family, co-workers and so on. Just imagine if we each tapped into our networks to raise each other up…

Women-Owned & Women-Designed

Discoverability is one of the biggest limitations to the marketing and growth of women-owned businesses. So if we see something we love — from a women-owned business large or small — we promote it. Because we all know that women are great at spreading the word.

Aiming to be the Biggest and Best

Of course, we are hard-at-work to become the most comprehensive directory of women-owned businesses out there. So our basic listings are free (with a small fee to add additional images, offers, social media handles and more). And that means we are fully incentivized to ensure it’s just the best list of the best women-owned businesses. Full stop. If you have a business you’d like to list, please get in touch.

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Sometimes you need the next level of support. Maybe it’s to scale up; or find new channels and help with a business plan and strategy. We have the tools and experience to support you. With over two decades of start up and e-commerce experience we can provide you with cost-effective muscle. Also look for our upcoming e-book on how to effectively grow your women-owned small business!