About Us: Women Reimagining the World

FromAtoSHE is reimagining a world where women’s ideas have an audience. Where women-led innovation and invention are equally-funded. And where great women-owned products and services are more discoverable.

Our commitment is to play a part through content, commerce, community and consulting…and it’s just a start. We want to be THE place for the discovery and connection of women-owned businesses.

Why us, you ask?

With backgrounds that have transversed e-commerce, publishing, finance and digital marketing; in big companies and as start up entrepreneurs; and in markets across the US and around the world…we found each other and began to consult.

And as we started getting consulting requests from women-owned businesses we saw firsthand the challenges of ‘discoverability’: marketing is expensive; to secure funding is a struggle; teams & resources are lean; and there isn’t the capital or support for female small business owners to break the cycle.

So we created FromAtoSHE, a place where women business owners and those that support them can find:

  • Content: profiles, news, tips & tricks. And content interesting to women-owned businesses and their networks as well. Imagine if we each tapped into our networks to raise each other up?
  • Commerce: there are shopping pages to highlight specific products and services; and directory listings to find the companies. Both are offered in free and premium form.
  • Community: our community forum with both open and private forums allows for connection and a means for asking and giving help.
  • Consulting: sometimes the need is simple; a knowledge gaps or issue. Maybe SEO support, branding, operations challenges. Or a readiness to seek out funding or adding team. We have tight, effective packages to support.

And, with FromAtoSHE, we are committed…

We believe that if we could give equal weight and opportunity to women-owned businesses the world would be a different place. And the numbers and research prove it. Truth.

So we are reimagining a world where women’s influence matters, will you join us?