Who We Are

For many years I spoke to the media about online shopping patterns & trends. Here I was speaking with the BBC in London.

Over my 20+ year career, I’ve seen the greatest promises of technology fulfilled; while at the same time how unequally tech innovation has impacted society.

And this has been particularly true for women.

Even in ‘female-focused’ industries, such as online fashion, women-owned businesses often don’t have the capital to successfully compete. And when you have less to invest in activities such as search advertising, your business is rendered (literally) invisible.

The result is a lack of true ‘discovery’ online.

And when you couple this with a bias in content for and about women — it means, most urgently, that the massive universe of data being used to develop Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) applications bear little resemblance to the offline world. And this is a very big problem we need to address now.

The mission of FromAtoSHE® is to show how we can (and should) start taking ownership of HOW and WHERE female leaders, business-owners and big ideas are found online.

We hope you’ll come along and support our mission by consuming our content but also checking back for ways you can get involved.

Founder, FromAtoSHE®