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+ Direct selling between female entrepreneurs works

Power of Community: Shop These Deals Now

We’ve had a long Summer to work, play and consider how we’ll continue to support and advocate for women using our FromAtoSHE platform. More to come on that front… But in the meantime, while adjusting our lives again to the rigors of back-to-school we had a great opportunity that we wanted to exploit…a showcase and sale of our talented female entrepreneur friends’ goods. One … Read More Power of Community: Shop These Deals Now

+ goodness wins

There is Winning in the Goodness

Trump is all about the ‘winning’. Oh so much ‘winning’ is going on, he says. But in a week where we wait for the Mueller report and feel generally dizzy from the daily emotional pendulum between good and bad…the question persists… Do good intentions and good people actually prevail? Does hard work and persistence pay in the end? If you eagerly awaited the ‘Star … Read More There is Winning in the Goodness

+ women supporting women

How to Support a Female Entrepreneur Today

To be an entrepreneur is an uphill battle in any case… no matter your idea, your sex or your background. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty demoralizing to be a female entrepreneur trying to build and innovate with little prospect of support. And that’s why we often give up (or don’t even get far enough to begin with). There are so many articles talking … Read More How to Support a Female Entrepreneur Today


Today a Volunteer, Tomorrow a Leader

It’s so very important for women to stay in the ‘game’. Having children, running a household, bringing in income or taking a break; we are masters of multi-tasking and rarely ever do just one thing. We also get few opportunities to lead. Women are just 4.8% of the positions on the Fortune 500 and yet of all women nearly 28% in the US volunteer; contributing $102 … Read More Today a Volunteer, Tomorrow a Leader

+ what matters to parents when it comes to college

#CollegeAdmissionsScandal – What Really Matters?

The Higher They Rise the Farther They Fall There are so many things wrong with the college admissions scandal, FBI code name ‘Varsity Blues’, that has ensnarled the elite. If your run-of-the-mill ethically-questionable $2.5 million donation to Harvard by Jared Kushner’s father wasn’t enough, parents photoshopping their kids faces on athletes for guaranteed admissions is the bulls-eye of moral decrepitude. And an activity that … Read More #CollegeAdmissionsScandal – What Really Matters?

+ international women's day

International Women’s Day: 2019

Why it Matters It’s easy to get busy and miss occasions such as International Women’s Day. Maybe you’re not sure what it’s all about? Or wonder if it really matters? Well, it does. And for many reasons. Not the least of which is that whoever you are and no matter your achievement, if you are a women, you are living in a ‘gender imbalanced’ … Read More International Women’s Day: 2019

+ the negative aspect of twitter

The Case Against Twitter

Another day, another juicy testimony that we consume with multiple devices; one eye on the television, maybe another on Twitter, between live print news updates. It must be done but we really don’t feel any better. The thing we often ponder with Twitter, in particular, is whether it’s a liberating mode of communication or one that stifles us with it’s limited character count and … Read More The Case Against Twitter

+ importance of keeping it simple

In Praise of Simplicity

It generally seems that at this time of year (depth of winter to be precise) we begin to choke a bit at life’s many complexities and consider simplicity. We stare down those New Year’s Resolutions wondering how we are tracking against all of that Dec 31st optimism. We feel ground down by the weather (although some of you lucky readers may be on a … Read More In Praise of Simplicity

+ is this the guy for the tech job

Women, Marketing and ‘The Guy’

And She Whispers…’I’ve Got a Guy…’ A couple of months ago, a friend of ours talked about the ‘guy’ she had who did the more technical, ‘hard’ work maintaining her website. And again after that, we heard another contact wax poetic about ‘the guy’ who did her paid search (from some remote location…maybe a beach…lucky guy). Maybe these and others over the years have … Read More Women, Marketing and ‘The Guy’

+ why we need to consider running for county committee

Calling All Leaders: Why We Need to Run for County Committee

Leave That Feeling of Helplessness Behind These days we wake and immediately check our phones with one eye open lest the apocalypse is upon us. Then maybe we turn on the television and fill up with a pre-coffee jolt of injustice, pain and rage. From there we drop off the kids and head to work moaning to anyone that will listen. We can’t even … Read More Calling All Leaders: Why We Need to Run for County Committee


Finding Grace as Women in Business

For those of us chasing grace as women in business there seemed to be a lot to consider in the stories of the passing of great men. Months ago we were struck with the nature of the stories of H.W. Bush. Regardless of your personal politics, there was quite a bit to take in regarding the life story of this former president. It’s worth … Read More Finding Grace as Women in Business

+ Super Bowl advertising is turning pink

Super Bowl Advertising and Women: Brands Wisen Up

It Appears that ‘Super Bowl’ is Actually Spelled with a ♀ Last year, in the shadow of #metoo, there were fewer sexualized ads during the Super Bowl. Let’s be honest, though, fewer boobs and burgers doesn’t equal grand enlightenment via Super Bowl advertising and women. And in fact, no beer bimbos just ended up meaning no women at all. In fact, according to AdAge, 61 … Read More Super Bowl Advertising and Women: Brands Wisen Up