Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that once you discover new women-owned & -founded businesses and organizations you’ll be delighted by the innovation, great products and services you find.

Unfortunately many of these businesses lack the investment, support and team to compete with larger businesses and brands for consumers attention. So our mission is to take this on…

Because not only is it good for women and the world, as technology continues to advance and applications are created with Artificial Intelligence, we will see a deepening of inequity.

No doubt you have questions about how we chose the businesses and products we feature. So a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. You are also always welcome to contact us to talk in more detail.


How do you choose business and/or organizations for the directory?

We conduct extensive research to collect and list the businesses and organizations in our directory. This include media articles, word-of-mouth, our personal experiences and those companies vouched for by professional organizations. We aim to include only female majority-owned businesses. So if we got it wrong, let us know.

Do you charge for listings?

Our basic listings have a one-time lifetime fee of $19.99 for inclusion in our directory, while non-profit listings are free. By charging a one-time fee, we can support growing our business, team and listings. If interested in hearing more, please get in touch.

We also offer additional paid opportunities. For instance, you can get a featured article to link into your listing where you can tell a richer story, include products, etc. Please get in touch for pricing and details.

Do you include any and every business that gets in touch?

To be eligible for listing in our directory, your business needs to be majority woman-owned, have social media profiles that have been live for at least two months and meet our editorial standards for quality. We reserve the right to reject an business listing that doesn’t meet our standards of quality, usability and fit. Organizations in our nonprofits section need to be registered charities.

Wow, I see my business listed; can I make changes?

Yes! If we found you and listed your business during our start-up phase, please do let us know if you want anything changed in the copy. We do take an editorial approach to listing businesses, so we reserve the right to reject copy, or change. But our priority is to present your business in the best and most accurate light possible. And if you do not want to be a part of the directory, we will take your listing down asap. Please get in touch.


Are directory listing and featured products different?

From time-to-time we promote specific products on our site. We do not feature anything we are not excited by but we do include affiliate links on many of these product listings — which means we may get a commission on the sale. Also, if a women-owned or women-designed brand is sold via a large e-tailer/retailer that is part of our affiliate program, we may add those links too.

What is affiliate marketing and who do you work with?

We are excited to work exclusively with a women-owned business to monetize some of the product listing on our site. BrandCycle is a monetization platform that connects retail brands with lifestyle publishers. BrandCycle has developed a collection of exclusive tools that lets top publishers in the mom, family, baby, wedding, home décor and style space earn commission on content, products, photos and more. If you are a blogger/publisher and want to learn more, we can connect you with BrandCycle.


Do you offer any other services besides advertising to women-owned businesses?

Yes! With more than 20 years of marketing, business development and leadership experience in the start-up space (particularly in e-commerce and fashion) our founder also offers strategy and marketing support. See more at NYLONDONBIZ, LLC.

You include profiles in WHAT TO READ. Can you feature me?

We have an editorial team that looks for great stories to share with our readers. We also offer paid-for advertorial space. If you think you have an inspiring story or would like to tell — or are interested in a paid advertorial opportunity, please let us know.