According to Harvard Business Review women control more than $20 trillion annually in consumer spending; yet too often brands miss the mark in securing her business and long-term loyalty. That’s where we come in…We are a small, full-service marketing agency in New York City specializing in marketing to women. With partners around the globe we can help you attract female customers and build your business in the US or in other global markets.

Business Consulting

Looking for investors, advisors, partners or a team? With decades of experience leading start-ups, we can help you determine how to start; where to spend your time; and how to prioritize as you grow. We can support with coaching, deck writing; as well as consulting on team and operations. We can also serve as the interim leadership support you need until the next stage of growth.

Performance Marketing

From PPC and landing pages to affiliate marketing we can develop your performance marketing strategy, set you up with the right platforms and manage the day-to-day oversight. Our team’s experience in conversion rate optimization, user behavior and brand means we can increase your return-on-investment from paid traffic right away. And with expertise in lifestyle, fashion and women-focused businesses our industry-specific expertise can amplify a campaign.

Ecommerce Solutions

Are you a growing ecommerce business? With decades of experience working with or for ecommerce businesses, we can help analyze performance and both suggest and project- manage the performance-enhancing changes. We analyze conversion data from your website and marketing activities and often start with a report that serves as a roadmap of profit increasing site enhancement opportunities.

SEO & Content Marketing

We have the writing skill and creativity combined with technical know-how to support your SEO and content marketing efforts. With deep industry expertise and the ability to speak effectively to a female-focused audience, we are your content experts. And we have former journalists and professional writers on our team so you can feel confident that your content is not just SEO friendly but incredibly well-written and compelling.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing to a female consumer is most effective when it’s authentic. The social media landscape is changing; fewer women are logging on to the usual social media websites. So how do you target female consumers effectively via social? You need to marry the art of consumer insight with the science of how to convert customers. You need a team that is also on the cusp of what’s new – always looking for the next channel engaging with your audience.

Brand Marketing & Communications

Building a brand that drives customers to engage with your product or service is the critical first step to developing a solid marketing strategy.  Brand messaging should be woven consistently through every marketing channel. Once you’ve built a strong brand it’s on to communicating it effectively to customers. Brand strategy can also be amplified by public relations.  See here our expertise in action.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Marketing to female consumers via email is still one of the most powerful and effective channels available to marketers. Email is portable, reliable, direct and for a millennial audience –  in particular – it’s their favorite way for you to reach them. We can help you create an email marketing campaign that converts. And we can create the lead generation campaigns that bring you the emails of highly qualified customers.