Press: Celebrating Women-Owned Media Coverage

Women-owned media coverage is critical to changing the landscape and opportunity for female entrepreneurs. These rich and exciting businesses need to be talked about more. Which means… covered in the media more. And they aren’t just in the big media centers, but all across the United States and the globe; with great geographic and demographic diversity. So we all need to think more broadly about how we shout about women-owned businesses. Because there is so much out there that is exciting; and spreading the word will make the difference. Of course, at FromAtoSHE®, we hope to be both a vessel of great content, as well as, garner coverage for the work we do. Some highlights below.

#BuyWomenOwned for Women’s Small Business Month (October 2020)

We were honored to join some of the biggest advocates of women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurship globally for the #BuyWomenOwned Campaign Collective. The initiative is the brainchild of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and WEConnect International; in an effort to create a movement of support for women-owned businesses. The organizations are aligned with missions to drive economic growth by building a broad consumer movement of support for women-owned business.

And it’s a great time to pay attention. Because there were roughly 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the US in 2017. And they employed nearly 9 million people; generating $1.7 trillion in revenues. Of course, it’s even more critical today as the world is fighting Covid-19. Women are dropping out of the workforce in record numbers. It is crisis like no other. And it requires that we put our weight behind these entrepreneurs so we can avoid a serious economic downtown. So this initiative and the women-owned media coverage generated was even more important this year.

Women-Owned Media Coverage: Working Together to Spread the Word

Women need to support one another in getting the word out. One of our core beliefs is that we can summon the innate power that women have to ‘spread the word’ and unleash it onto the world for good. And we can use it to build ourselves up collectively. We’ve been lucky to be able to spread the word through the work we do. And the many women we come across reciprocate. So we continue to do all that we can to be both the vessel of coverage and generate some for ourselves.


One trick we have in our bag is more than 15 years of talking to the media about retail trends, shopping tips and product reviews. Now we just add a ‘women-owned’ angle to it all. If you would like data, perspective or tips/ best-practices. Get in touch. We are camera-ready and have lots to say.

(Left: Shannon on CNBC talking Thanksgiving Day shopping)