Shopping: Women-Owned Products & Businesses

Shopping women-owned products and businesses is not just about solidarity. It’s good business. Because women are creating the products and services we want and need. Women create for themselves, their friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. We have big ideas and large word-of-mouth networks. What we need is more investment and opportunity to share our ideas. That’s why we like to talk about women ‘reimagining the world.’ Because a world where women’s ideas are supported, celebrated and financed is a good place for us all.

So, check back each week for more featured businesses, great products and fantastic deals. We are on-the-case discovering and evangelizing our favorites from female entrepreneurs around the world.


Accessories is a category that we all can agree brings joy. Women-owned businesses in this space vary from jewelry to handbags, scarves to hats and more. There is also opportunity to give back here as well. See more.


Beauty is a category where women create and innovate for women. Who knows better how our skin ages or what make up feels best than women? See some of the most exciting developments made by women. See more products here.

Kids & Family

The kids and family category is traditionally where women-owned businesses have dominated with innovative products. See more of what’s new here.

Health & Wellness

We love the health and wellness category because, well, it makes us feel good. Today we need the women-owned businesses in this category more than ever to get through the time ahead.

Home & Garden

It’s the little things these days and women-owned products in the home & garden category help us nest and improve our surrounds.

Women’s Fashion

The best for last of course is women’s fashion. Women dress for ourselves and other women, right? So we love to support female designers in this category.

Women Are Key Drivers and Need Our Support

Did you know that women-owned products and businesses are being created at a record pace? According to American Express, women in the United States are starting an average of 1,821 new businesses each day. And as half the population it’s likely that the products and services that women create are ones that catch your attention. How often are you shopping women-owned?

Well, we often have those moment where we say ‘why didn’t we think of that.’ Because often women are innovating and fixing the problems we have each day. But women struggle with funding. And with support and often run out of time to take their business to the next level.

So our goal is to bring attention to our favorite women-owned products and services and the power of shopping women-owned. With FromAtoSHE we intend to create a place where the products, the stories and community are of interest not only to female business owners. But to their own individual networks. Because if we leverage our collective power imagine what we can do together.