Health & Wellness: Women-Owned Ways to Feel Well

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Health & wellness is the category where we see some of the most exciting innovation from women. It’s the category where we find ourselves saying ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ And that’s because it’s traditionally been men developing products in this category for women. So it’s even more critical to support women-owned in this category.

As a health and wellness leader personal trainer Rima Sidhu is available for online training

Empowered by Strength

Trainer Rima Sidhu’s experience has led to a wealth of knowledge around how to best address different challenges. Clients receive personalized attention targeting their specific needs with customized training sessions; and see an increase in core and overall strength; increased balance and cardiovascular fitness; and a decrease in body fat. Try a virtual session today.

Fur Fuller Frontal

Started by close friends who wanted to create effective, simple, clean, and inclusive products for the whole body (see the full story here!). Why not go right to the complete collection of signature Fur products to sooth skin and avoid ingrown hairs (Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, and Ingrown Concentrate and Silk Scrub). If you want to tip your toe, go oil first!

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As women we are all too aware of the importance of health & wellness innovation to our lives. We are busy, we are tired; and we worry about the health of our families. We make more health care decisions as heads of household. And as women we also know how good it feels to be strong and healthy. It’s a category that women tend to dominate; and for good reason. It’s both important to us and a category that is ripe for opportunity to innovate.

We often speak to health & wellness entrepreneurs and seek to pass that information on to our readers and shoppers. Here we are committed to highlighting the products and services invented by women that we think will make the difference to your life. So why not consider women-owned products for your health and wellness needs? It’s great for you, your friends and families; and great for growing the opportunities for all of us to experience women-owned.