Two Okay, Fourplay Better: Meet Duo Behind Dating App

Shannon Edwards

Shannon Edwards

Founder, FromAtoSHE®

It takes two, as they say. But what if four is better? With so many ways to couple up, a fresh take is always welcome. Because regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age or race, everyone needs someone, right? Which is why we were curious to chat with the founders of Fourplay; a new app that uses double dating as a way to meet someone new.

Fourplay allows users to meet singles and their friends in a safer, less stressful way. And that’s from the start. No swipes here. Which is why on Fourplay you aren’t connected individually; but instead scroll through teams and match up with other duos. The date only comes together once everyone gives a “thumbs up”; and without individual matching the group sees who naturally gravitates to one another. Groups can also be of any mix of sexes too – it’s for everyone.

Founders Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs first met in the fall of 2010 as Penn State University sorority sisters. After college, the duo both went on to pursue careers in healthcare. Danielle is a maternity nurse (RN) at one of New York City’s largest hospitals; and a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC). Julie is a board certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) working in a New York State Federally Qualified Health Center. There she provides primary care to the medically underserved.

And despite full-time jobs as healthcare providers, Danielle and Julie are also committed to Fourplay full-time (we women sure can multitask). We had the chance to chat with Danielle and Julie; asking them about the Fourplay dating app and what the future holds.

What prompted the creation of the app?

We are young, single, professional women who were tired of missing out on fun times with friends in exchange for “fine” dates with strangers we knew little about. The thought of yet another potentially awkward and boring one-on-one at the end of a long day was taking way too much energy than what was healthy. Aside from being more fun, we also knew Fourplay would make meeting someone from a dating app much safer, especially for women.

Unlike most marathon first dates with no end in sight, we realized that when dating with your friend, an escape hatch was always readily available with a simple giving of the unspoken get-me-outta-here eyes. Joining forces means never meeting a stranger alone, never feeling that you need to share your location when going to meet someone in an unfamiliar location, never wondering if your drink was spiked when you went to the bathroom, never wondering if he’s being creepy or if you’re just being dramatic, and never having an awkward silence. It was obvious to us that this way of dating, “the Fourplay way,” was SAFER, MORE FUN, AND MORE SOCIAL, and it simply had to be shared with the world!

How is Fourplay doing to-date/what has the feedback been?

We are very excited with how Fourplay is doing to-date! Despite not having launched any official advertising campaigns yet, we have well over 1,000 downloads in less than 3 months. The feedback has been very positive and promising as people are excited to have a new alternative within the familiar online dating community.

What’s next?

As healthcare professionals, first and foremost, our core mission is to enable users to make healthy, informed, and safe relationship choices. That being said, Fourplay is in the process of finalizing a partnership with a revolutionary health organization that will help Fourplay be at the forefront of socially responsible online dating. We are ready to make 2020 the year for Fourplay – we are excited to share our app with the world and start investing in official advertising campaigns that will help us get the word out.