Sefte Living offers casually elegant, wellness-driven products for the home, led by twin sisters Jenn & Sarah Pearsall. Inspired by nature and created by hand using centuries-old techniques, Sefte’s artisans create softness and luxury, using 100% baby alpaca, that can not only be seen, but felt.

100% handmade by artisans/ purpose driven / where beauty and sustainability meet.

Maya Brenner

Twenty years ago Maya was working full-time as a social worker with inner city youth in New York City. After unsuccessfully searching for a perfectly sentimental piece of jewelry for her mother’s 50th birthday, she was inspired to make her own necklace. Soon strangers and acquaintances were asking who the designer was and Maya Brenner Designs was born. In 2016, the brand was made world famous when Meghan Markle was spotted wearing an “MH” necklace, revealing her fairytale relationship with Prince Harry.

Tree Fairfax

Tree Fairfax bags are created so that you can move around lightly; carrying only what you need in these beautiful, handcrafted leather bag. Each piece is hand cut and stitched using locally sourced, high quality leather. Tree Fairfax uses leather hides with natural imperfections and incorporates them into each bag, giving you a one of a kind piece while also cutting back on waste.

Lorraine West

After studying illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology and teaching herself how to create metal jewelry by hand, Lorraine West started her eponymous brand. Made from brass, copper, precious gemstones and metals including gold, platinum and sterling silver. Inspired by symbology and geometric shapes, Lorraine West creates strikingly elegant pieces that allow clients to connect to their own beauty and power.

Love Adorned

Love Adorned first opened in 1996 as an iconic tattoo, piercing, and jewelry shop in the East Village. Today, founder Lori Leven carries a unique and edgy selection of fine jewelry and lifestyle goods. The in-demand curated inventory is informed by years of traveling and collecting, focusing on vintage jewelry, one-of-a-kind pieces, and artisanal home decor.

Jam + Rico

Lisette Ffolkes founded Jam + Rico as a way to creatively honor her Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage. Her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a bold, colorful celebration of her roots. Be sure to check out , which is inspired by the Caribbean sun.

Andi Brand

Andrea Weinberg (aka Andi) was living in NYC, working full time, while keeping up with an extensive travel schedule. She wanted a bag that could support her from day to night. An all weather, all occasion, all the time bag. Well, after five years spent working with a small factory making over 60 iterations of her concept for a light-weight, durable, active, travel, transformer bag…the ANDI bag was born. Andi Bags are the perfect go-to. Versatile, easy-to-clean, cruelty- free with a lifetime warranty.

Culture Flock

Since 2013 we’ve been designing and creating colorful and inclusive apparel, goods, and accessories for friends of every shape, size, color, gender, and orientation. We care a lot about a few things: equality for everyone, protecting our planet, being kind, and having fun. (Having fun is kind of our thing.) If you feel like you can hang with us, it’s ‘cause you can, and if what we create makes you smile, that’s pretty much exactly what we wanted.

Zou Xou Shoes

zou xou aims to create a shoe wardrobe of modern essentials that are well-made, unfussy, and minimal. The collection is a narrative of elegant and simple designs made visible through refined contours, subtle detailing, and exceptional quality. The shoes are handcrafted by Argentinian shoemakers using age old techniques and premium leathers. Produced in small quantities, the shoes are made to last and reduce waste and energy as part of responsible manufacturing practices in the slow fashion movement.


Strong, smart and individual. We are no longer satisfied with buying a look straight off the pages of a fashion magazine. We no longer want to be told how style ourselves. We want to create our own look. goldno.8 allows you to do just that. We give you the tools to create a bag that is as cool and individual as you are. Trick it out, clean it up — your bag will transform with your mood, outfit and tastes. At goldno.8 we are all about change, self-expression and disrupting the status quo.