Fitness (Products)

Fitness (Products)


Elevated yoga and mindful essentials. Consciously crafted for every yogi. Life is about balance. Since dreaming up our first yoga mat, we’ve been on a journey to find that perfect balance. Products that are both mindful and beautiful, created by a brand that share the same values.


We are inventors, makers and curators of the best yoga and meditation products available. We hand make yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and other beautiful props in Burnaby, Canada where we fill them with natural materials and send them out the door to you.


For Sawako, running a helmet company is not about telling you to wear a helmet. It’s about empowering you to make choices and stay true to yourself. Obviously, wearing a Sawako helmet is safer than cycling bare-headed. But if no one’s warning you to put one on, then why wear a Sawako helmet? Because when you do, you feel capable. You feel confident. And it’s a confidence that also based on fashion, style and beauty. So you wear one to be safe and you keep wearing it because you look and feel great. That is how it should be.