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We founded Pigmint Arome with a goal to create luxury home fragrance with a scent throw that encaptures an entire room, a point of view rooted in design details and a level of quality consistent with master candlemakers. Pigmint Arome is the culmination of our obsession with design. quality and fragrance. Dedicated to the craft of creating uniquely perfect scents, Pigmint Arome stands apart with its hyper saturated fragrances, monochromatic vessels and bold aesthetics


We set out to make a sustainable recycling bin designed for apartment living that was simple yet beautiful. Like most of you, we’ve spent years recycling in paper grocery bags or bulky blue recycling bins that take up half the kitchen. Not to mention the countless minutes we’ve wasted returning that bulky bin to our apartments when we’re already running late. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created RE.BIN: the easy way to recycle in style.


Sefte Living offers casually elegant, wellness-driven products for the home, led by twin sisters Jenn & Sarah Pearsall. Inspired by nature and created by hand using centuries-old techniques, Sefte’s artisans create softness and luxury, using 100% baby alpaca, that can not only be seen, but felt.

100% handmade by artisans/ purpose driven / where beauty and sustainability meet.

Soap Distillery

Soap Distillery was founded by entrepreneur Danielle Martin when she found a lack of diversity in the scented soaps available at her local health food stores. After teaching herself about soap making and cosmetic science Danielle started her line of cocktail-scented products. Today, Soap Distillery’s team creates uniquely unisex scented products that customers love. Sustainability is at the heart of the business; as is donating to local organizations.


YOWIE is a home and life shop focused on curating small collections. Find unique and coveted items from the founder Shannon Maldonado’s friends, independent artists, and designers. With a storefront located in Philadelphia, you can stop in to see YOWIE’s great finds, or the site ships in the US.

SustainAble Home Goods

Marginalized people all over the world have been creating magnificent works of art for centuries. Unfortunately, a lot of these groups live in some of the poorest places on the globe. Commerce gives us the opportunity to bring dignity and financial stability to these people groups, while also getting to have a beautiful piece of their culture in our homes. And that is what makes SustainAble Home Goods special. The brand partners with artisan entrepreneurs helping to sustain jobs in their communities both globally and locally, as well as creating the potential for new ones.

Rochelle Porter

Rochelle Porter Design (RPD) is an Atlanta-based lifestyle brand specializing in vibrant, happy home décor and fashion textiles derived from the founder’s original artwork. Proving that sustainability can be stylish, the brand’s eclectic travel pouches, throw pillows, and mobile accessories are ethically made with high-quality organic cotton and eco-friendly materials. RPD aims to design the flyest possible products while doing the least possible harm.

Reflektion Design

Reflektion Design is about sharing a passion for African textiles and culture with others. From the lighting fixtures to wall color, items in your home should reflect who you are, spark memories of past adventures, inspire new ones and be the ultimate statement of your style. Founder Anitra designs decor for culturally inspired people who love unique, colorful pieces ‘reflektive’ of who they are. Using a curated approach to sourcing textiles and a discerning eye for pattern the brand offers products that help you to create a home that feels collected not decorated. The collection includes decor, tableware, handwoven baskets and travel accessories. Fabrics are ethically sourced from around the world; and products handmade in Los Angeles, California + Atlanta, GA.


Jungalow® started as a design blog in Justina Blakeney’s tiny, plant-filled living room back in 2009 and has since grown into a lifestyle brand. The shop features Justina Blakeney Home® and Jungalow® collections designed in Los Angeles studio. You’ll also find a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern goods from around the globe.

Elle West Candles

Elle West was created to help and remind us to do just that. each scent has a purpose, each candle has been made and poured with love. the energy of your home, your safe spaces, the places you choose to place yourself in should be filled with love and good energy. the vibe of those places should be good and pure. we all deserve that. that’s what e l l e w e s t is. you are loved by something and someone in the universe more than anything else. realize that and live in that forever. you are worthy and everything that is for you, is for you.